Your Community JaGaApp | Getting Close to Communities!
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Getting Close to Communities!

Getting Close to Communities!

At Graaab, we work very closely with communities, let it be landed or high rise buildings, new or old projects, our total solution platform assist to enhance your neighbourhood’s Security, Communication and Convenience.

Here are some pictures from our recent Residents Clinics Session where our JaGaTeam assists residents to understand better on how to use Graaab JaGaApp.

On top of that, we do provide Security Guard training as well. Kudos to the hard work and dedication displayed by our JaGaTeam, we help community’s adoption of Graaab JaGaApp with ease.

We are currently rolled out at Penang, Ipoh, Klang Valley, Seremban, Melaka and Johor. Do touch base with us at if your neighbourhood would like to Graaab…the better life as well!